A top Powys breeder and trialist who sold the world's most expensive sheepdog during the lockdown has achieved two five-figure sales at a virtual auction.

Kevin Evans, from Modrydd near Brecon, sold two top-notch fully broken dogs with excellent trials prospects for more than £22,000.

The duo were sold to two different farmers on the remote Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the North Atlantic 200 miles north-northwest of Scotland.

Nineteen-month-old black and white border collie Barcroft Sophie was sold to Levi Joensen, of Klaksvik on Bordoy for £12,100, while Mr Evans’ other dog, the November 2018 tri-coloured Wyverne Tan, sold for the next best price of £10,000 to Janus Joensen, of Eysturoy.

County Times:

Wyvern Tan will be heading to his new home in the Faroe Islands.

Though they worked together online to purchase the top price Skipton dogs, the two buyers are unrelated, both farming Faroese sheep, which are native to the islands.

Barcroft Sophie's new owner Levi Joensen said: "We have lots of mountains and valleys around here, so we need good work dogs. Where we live we have steep mountains with narrow ledges, so the foreign dogs must first adjust and adapt to the Faroese nature and landscape for some time before we can use them here, because we don’t have much flat land".

The dogs were sold at the Skipton Auction Mart which is known for setting global records with its sales.

Regarded as one of the best sheepdog trialists of his generation, Mr Evans sold black-and-white border collie Elan Valley Sally for a record-breaking £19,451 in June.