The RSPCA had to race to the aid of a duck in Powys this week – because it had such bad sinusitis that it couldn't eat properly.

The poor patient was struck down with such a bad case that an egg-sized lump had appeared on its face, leading members of the public to alert the animal rescue charity to its plight.

Officers rescued the female mallard from Llangorse Lake near Brecon on Wednesday (August 26), and took the feathery fowl to have her face drained by vets.

She was given antibiotics, and is now being transferred to a specialist RSPCA wildlife facility for rehabilitation and care, before she is returned to the wild.

The rescue was completed by RSPCA animal collection officers Fiona Thomas and Stephanie Davidson.

ACO Thomas said: "This poor duck was struck with such a severe case of sinusitis, that members of the public spotted her bloated face and that she was really struggling to eat food.

"Fortunately, we were able to rescue her and get her the veterinary help she so badly needed. The mass on her face was soon drained, and she was given a course of antibiotics.

"The duck will now go to an RSPCA wildlife centre for rehabilitation, until the bird is fit and well enough again to be returned back to the wild. Rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife is a big part of what we do, and I'm just relieved we could help this duck in her hour of need."

RSPCA officers have remained on the frontline during the pandemic helping animals like this duck.