A PUBLIC meeting has been called to try to resolve anti-social behaviour and parking issues at a Mid Wales beauty spot.

An increase in traffic to the Llanrhaeadr Waterfall since the easing of lockdown travel restrictions, coupled with more people taking 'staycations' this year has seen an increase in visitors to the area, which is bringing problems according to residents, particularly last weekend.

Mervyn Carpenter, a Llanrhaeadr resident and Welsh Ambulance Service First Responder is one of the organisers of a public meeting to be held on Friday, after discussions with Phil Facey the custodian at Pistyll Rhaeadr.

The meeting will take place at 4pm on Friday, August 14, at the Wynnstay Arms pub in the village, with social distancing measures in place, with Dyfed Powys Police, MP Craig Williams and County Councillor Aled Davies invited to attend.

Mr Carpenter said: "I have made several visits to the waterfall and got to know Phil quite well and have experienced some of the problems associated with this very popular tourist attraction - from an emergency response and sheer volume of traffic and the rubbish being thrown from cars

"Today (Sunday, August 8) I had a phone call from Phil he was very upset about the ongoing situation with the extra visitors to the falls due to the 'staycation' affect, and is now at the end of his tether and was forced to close his car park and cafe.

"At 7pm this evening there were large groups of males drinking and partying at the top of the falls throwing beer bottles into the water to watch them go over the falls, this is typical of the anti-social behaviour that we have to put up with."

Mr Carpenter added: "The road to the waterfall was designed for horse and carts not SUVS, it will not be long before there is a serious accident and someone walking along the road killed.

"The small narrow roads in the village again are not designed for this volume of traffic, and most residents are rightly concerned not only from a safety point of view but one of enjoyment of life and how this situation is having a detrimental affect on our quality of lives in the village

"Phil and members of the village have asked that there is a combined meeting, to discuss and coordinate a response to this escalating problem, Colleen and Kelly have kindly allowed meeting will take place in the garden of the Wynnstay pub in the village this week so social distancing can be maintained in an outdoor space.

"To do nothing and take no action is not acceptable."