A photographer captured a stunning image in the skies above mid Wales this month.

Welshpool-based photographer Stephen Probert, a member of the County Times Camera Club, shot a wonderful image at an area known locally as the ‘Mach Loop’

The skies over the Mach Loop are famous across the country as the best place to get pictures of RAF pilots in training.

Stephen managed to capture a passing plane with the tail lift doors open and personnel sat on board, hundreds of feet above the mid Wales terrain.

Stephen said: “It was a great day up on Mach Loop.

“You never get bored watching the planes coming through the valley and seeing the pilots’ faces and getting a wave is priceless,” he added.

“It is well worth a visit.

“Planes only fly weekdays and the earlier you get there the better as they start as early as eight o’clock in the morning”.

Stephen used a Canon 7D Mark II Sigma 150-600mm.