A motorcyclist was left with serious injuries after a Newtown woman failed to give way, a court heard.

Welshpool Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday that the Harley Davidson motorcyclist, Duncan Williams, was left serious injuries which included a a broken left collarbone, a broken rib, two cracked ribs and severe trauma to his left hip and elbow after the incident in Newtown on March 18.

Hayley Yvonne Hughes, 51, of Heol Rhedyn, Vaynor, admitted the offence of driving without due care and attention as she pulled out onto the A489, Llanidloes Road, from the Vaynor housing estate.

Mr Williams said he “could not have been more visible” as he was wearing a brightly coloured jacket, Ms Tench, prosecuting, told the court.

The motorcyclist said that something caught his left hand side, which was his last recollection of what happened.

“I don’t remember anything,” the court heard.

Owain Jones, defending, said that Hughes was a “lady of good character”.

He said that as she was coming out of Vaynor, near the new care home, some pedestrians had crossed the road.

“They were smiling and smirking at her causing a distraction,” Mr Jones told the court.

“This was in many ways an unfortunate accident. This poor chap has suffered greatly.

“She has cooperated fully with the police. She is remorseful and sorry for what has happened,” the defence told magistrates.

“She has been desperately worried about this case hanging over her over in the lockdown period,” Mr Jones said.

Chair of the bench, Lynette Kretchmer, said that the defendant had acknowledged herself that she could only partly see and that “it was the motorcyclist” who suffered since the accident.

She said that compensation would need to go through an insurance company and not through the courts.

However, Hughes was given a £80 fine, and was told to pay a total of £197 including court costs and a victim surcharge.

She was also given six points on her licence.