A CHARITY has said that donations being left outside its Welshpool store are classed as fly-tipping as it is closed.

This comes after one passer-by noticed a note on top of the items piled outside the Sue Ryder store on the High Street and brought it to the charity’s attention on Twitter.

SarahCate said: “People foolishly keep leaving their unwanted stuff outside Sue Ryder in Welshpool, so somebody has left them a rather stiff note.

“Please don’t put your stuff outside charity shops folks.”

The note reads: “Polite notice. Please don’t dump your unwanted items outside the shop, you can see it’s closed.

“It just creates a mess and is an eyesore for our town.

“Just take time to think. Would you like this piled up outside your home (Regardless of that fact it’s a charity shop)

“I live opposite and if I see you I will happily name and shame. It’s fly tipping.”

County Times:

The charity thanked the Twitter user for bringing the matter to its attention.

It said: “As the Sue Ryder Welshpool store is closed, this is flytipping.”

Sue Ryder then encouraged her to contact the local council as it is its responsibility - which she says she has now done.

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: “Anyone that has items for a charity shop should only take them there during the shop’s opening hours and only take items the charity shop would accept.

“Anyone that leaves items in the doorway of charity shops outside their opening hours could be committing a fly-tipping offence which we would investigate.”