Conservative group leader in Powys Cllr Aled Davies has defended a colleagues' comments on the Welsh language.

He also believes that some “Mwynder Maldwyn” needs to be injected into the political discourse on the subject.

Conservative councillor for Trewern, Amanda Jenner, has been criticised for comments she made about the Welsh language that she wrote in an article published on the Conservative Home website.

Her comments were criticised in a full council meeting, and since then a petition has started asking for Cllr Jenner to be disciplined.

Cllr Davies was asked by the Local Democracy Reporting Service if he would discipline Cllr Jenner by removing the Conservative whip or ask her to apologise.

Powys County Council's finance portfolio holder and deputy leader, Cllr Davies (Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant and Llansilin) believes the whole article needs to be read to understand the context of her words.

Cllr Davies said: “Maybe you should not be partial when taking quotes from Amanda’s article. When addressing localism Amanda writes:

"I want Welsh language and Welsh culture to be naturally embraced and to grow organically. I don’t want to see the Welsh language forced upon every nook and cranny of Wales, including upon those communities whose traditions and cultures may not have the Welsh Language embedded in them."

Cllr Davies continues: “Clearly Amanda is very supportive of our language, a learner herself, she wants Cymraeg (Welsh) to be the language of our communities by building consensus on how we can strengthen and increase its use day by day. ”

“Localism is about communities’ ownership of decisions making and their willingness to take actions.

“Without this we will struggle to achieve the target of one million Welsh speakers.

“It is so important that everyone in Wales has the opportunity to learn and to use our language all day every day, Welsh Government and local authorities have a role to play but most important of all, our communities,must also do so much more.”

Cllr Davies attacks the criticism that Cllr Jenner has received from Plaid Cymru group leader in Powys, Cllr Elwyn Vaughan.

He also points out that Cllr Jenner has been abused by internet trolls social media.

Cllr Davies added “Politics does not have to be this way, we should be free to discuss our ideas and make reasoned argument without vile abuse.

“Amanda is bursting with ideas for the future, we may not always agree but ychydig bach mwy o fwynder Maldwyn, os gwelwch yn dda (A bit more Montgomeryshire mildness/pleasantness please.)”

Cllr Vaughan (Glantwymyn) responded: “Recently we’ve had the Shrewsbury MP attacking Wales and wanting to be rid our Senedd.

“We now have had a county councillor wanting to stop forcing Welsh in parts of Wales and undermine the language.

“It’s the power of the strong to bash the weak, the language of the oppressor over the oppressed, the language of intolerance, and that’s why we have to call it out and condemn it.”