ONE more case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Powys today, but there have been no deaths in the last week.

Public Health Wales figures show the number of confirmed cases in Powys has increased by one to 355. The true figure is likely to be higher.

Figures from Public Health Wales relate to cases where coronavirus has been confirmed, and only include people who have died in hospital settings in Wales.

As such, this excludes people who have died in hospitals in England, those who have passed away in care homes, and those who died without having been tested to confirm the presence of coronavirus.

Powys Teaching Health Board has suggested Office for National Statistics (ONS) data to be the most accurate, as it shows deaths where coronavirus may have been present since the epidemic began.

Figures published today by the ONS show there were no one from Powys died with coronavirus in the week leading up to July 24, there have been 93 deaths overall, nine at home, 37 in hospital, and 47 in a care home setting.