POWYS County Councillors will see their salaries rise by £350 this year.

At the full council meeting on Thursday, July 30 councillors noted the report by The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW).

The IRPW report states that a basic salary of £14,218 must be paid to all councillors.

Head of Finance, Jane Thomas, explained: “This is a requirement and it’s a recommendation from the IRPW.

“This sets the payments and pensions schedules for members right across Wales, this is something that is defined by them.

“They produced their report in February.

“IRPW decided to order a uplift to the basic salary of £350 or 2.52 per cent.”

“The increase should be affective from April 1.”

She added that the council had to receive the report by July 31, which is why it was in front of them, “to meet that requirement.”

This means that the Council leader, Cllr Rosemarie Harris’ salary will go up to £49,450.

Deputy leader Cllr Aled Davies will see his salary go up to £34,950, other cabinet members will receive £30,450 and the leader of the biggest opposition group, Cllr James Gibson-Watt will get £22,918.

The chairman of the various scrutiny committees will also receive £22,918.

Ther chairman of the council, also receives £22,918 this year with the Vice-Chairman receiving £17,918.

Until PCC hold their annual general meeting Cllrs Beverley Baynham and Gwynfor Thomas continue in these roles.

PCC have until December 31 to hold an agm.

The report also explains that councillors who receive a senior salary cannot receive a second one if they are appointed to an outside body.

For example the cabinet member for economic development, housing and regulatory services, Cllr James Evans, can’t claim the basic salary of £4,010 that other members of the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority (BBNPA) can.

All figures are inclusive of the basic salary and the report states that councillors can “forego” part or all of their basic salary.

They inform the chief financial officer in writing if they want to do this.

The report also sets out the amounts that councillors can claim in expenses.

The mileage rates which can be claimed for travel using the Member’s own private vehicle are the current HMRC rates:-

o Private motor car up to 10,000 miles – 45p per mile

o Private motor car over 10,000 miles – 25p per mile

o Passenger supplement – 5p per passenger per mile

o Private motor cycles – 24p per mile

o Bicycles – 20p per mile

Councillors can also claim for £28 a day for food while on official council business outside of Powys.

Overnight costs up to a maximum of £200 in London and £95 elsewhere can be claimed.

Councillors could also claim £30 a night if they stay with friends and family but only if it’s outside of Powys.