PEOPLE should be responsible and clean up after their dog or get rid

We’ve read the article on the terrible problem of dog fouling in Machynlleth but let’s take a walk down Manthrig Lane in Caersws where it is guaranteed there will be dog excrement all over the road and pavement.

Recently an old lady missed her doctor’s appointment as she had to go home and change her shoes due to this problem.

Manthrig Lane is where Caersws Doctors Surgery is located and a number of people walk or drive along and when it is wet the cars drive through the excrement and splash all over the people walking.

You dog owners, can’t really call yourselves dog lovers otherwise you would take the responsibility to clean up after them, be responsible for your dog or get rid.

You know who you are so why should the public suffer from your negligence and clean up your mess.

If you put your dog poo in a bag - take it home or put it into the bins provided.

Do not leave your bags lying about the road hoping someone else will pick it up, otherwise we will name and shame you.

Name and address supplied