Wales can not afford a Senedd wage bill with so many high earners

Senedd politicians may have had to work harder this year, but does that justify a full seven weeks recess – 20th July until 14th September – two weeks longer than Westminster?

Looking at television news, many have been scarce in the chamber, since lockdown release began, anyway.

The Senedd cabinet average almost £104,000 salary each, plus a 30 per cent pension contribution (2018/19 report Page 65).

Another 10 Welsh officials, trousered more than £100,000 (P 67), including an Equality and Diversity Champion at £120,000 per annum.

The 2019 Annual Report (P 70) also reports the average salary of the Senedd Workforce is £35,750 (explain this to a Powys tenant farmer and family) across its 5092 work force, (excluding Local Health Board and NHS staff (P 72) – some £182 million.

The wage bill was up over 14 per cent from 2018.

What do all these people do, and can a small country continue to pay these costs in the difficult times that lie ahead? No. Time for a root and branch review of the entire Senedd payroll.

Bruce Lawson FCA