Thirty incidents of dogs attacks on livestock in Powys have been reported to police in 2020.

Dyfed-Powys Police’s Powys Rural Crime Team said the impact it can have on rural businesses can be “devastating”.

The dedicated team of officers focusing on rural crime in Powys cover one of the most rural areas in England and Wales.

“We regularly receive calls from farmers, landowners and public reporting farm animals being chased by dogs and in the most serious of cases where sheep in particular have been savaged and killed or having to be put down by a veterinary surgeon.

“The impact this can have on a rural business can be devastating. Not only does the farmer incur expensive veterinary costs to treat or put the livestock to sleep but for pregnant ewes, in particular, there is the risk of aborting their unborn lambs. This can incur further expense but also the loss of income from a depleted flock cannot be replaced.”

Farmers are advised to improve signs on gateways alerting dog walkers to the presence of livestock in the fields, take photographs of injuries to the livestock and, if possible, safely secure the dog until the police arrive.