Welshpool Town Council has announced the re-opening of Welshpool Indoor Market, saying it was the return of normal for the town.

Deputy mayor David Senior opened the market on Saturday.

He said: “While times had been very difficult for many people over the last few months, we need to recognise that there is a real desire for a return to something approaching normality.

“The town market has been with us for hundreds of years and for many its reopening will be a major change for the better. Normal in Welshpool is having our market open.

“We need to thank all the workers who have been involved in getting the market ready. They have been working under great pressure and in difficult circumstances to complete their jobs and to make the market a safe place to trade and shop.”

Cllr Senior also thanked the traders for putting their faith in the council and market and returning to trade.

The council wished them well for the future.