THE County Times Camera Club has once again captured all of what makes mid Wales such a unique place to live.

Mike Pleszkcan captured a simply stunning landscape picture of the valleys of Gilfach Nature Reserve while below we can see Gareth Maul’s equally jaw dropping picture of the Elan Valley.

Above Gary Williams was on hand to take a picture we are all familiar with at this time of year as harvesting begins with this image from a field near Pool Quay.

Kate Bowen was also out and about and sent in a wonderful picture of a field ready for harvesting near Kerry.

On the bottom row we can see two pictures sent in by Jill Jones who got up close to capture a hummingbird hawk moth and peacock butterfly visiting her garden.

We close this week’s chronicle of the Camera Club with another picture sent in by Kate Bowen who was on hand to capture Y Wyloer in the Gilfach Nature Reserve.

The County Times Camera Club continues to grow in membership and the quality and variance of topics covered in the weekly offerings continue to set the bar high.

Please keep on sending in your favourite images from your days out in mid Wales so we can continue to share the beauty and hidden gems of the region with readers.

To join the County Times Camera Club visit our Facebook page and get snapping.