A new body is to be established to continue improvements at Powys Council after the Welsh Government ends its oversight of the authority.

At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, councillors will be told that services have improved enough that an Improvement and Assurance Board set up to oversee parts of its operations is no longer needed.

Instead, a corporate improvement board will be put forward to concentrate on social services, education and the highways, transport and recycling service run by Powys Council.

This board will be made up of the Council leader, Councillor Rosemarie Harris her cabinet and senior staff, and will meet monthly.

The Welsh Government set up the initial improvement board after a highly critical report by the Care Inspectorate Wales into Powys Council's children's services in October 2017.

The education service was added in September 2019 after a highly critical Estyn inspection – but the improvements made since then have satisfied the Government that the council is in a position to oversee its own improvement.

This follows a report by Sean Harriss, an external advisor for the Welsh Government, that said: “There is much still to be done but the council is in a much stronger position to drive its own improvement.”

Welsh Government Housing and Local Government minister, Julie James MS, said: “I was extremely encouraged with the findings and recommendations of the review, in particular the recognition of the progress your council has made since the Improvement and Assurance Board was established in 2018.

“This, combined with the growth of capacity within the council, means your organisation is now much better placed to drive its own improvement.

“I have considered your alternative arrangements and can confirm that I am content with your proposals as I am confident, like you, that they will enable your council to effectively manage its own improvement.

“I commend you, your Council and the Improvement and Assurance Board for the significant amount of progress which has been made in the last couple of years.

“I wish you well on your improvement journey.”

The board is chaired independently by the former chief executive of Swansea Council, Jack Straw.

He advises the Welsh Government regularly on progress being made to improved services and monitored the transformation activity.

Mr Straw will have one last report to give at the final board meeting.