Over 20,000 welfare calls have been made to shielded and vulnerable people in Powys.

This figure, which was measured up to the end of June, is one of many areas the county council is looking at as it reflects on its performance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Council Leader Rosemarie Harris said: “Normally, our quarterly performance examines key achievements, issues and actions against the objectives for 2025. However, quarter one of this year has been far from normal, with Covid-19 impacting on all our lives."

Powys County Council has prioritised responding to coronavirus, keeping communities safe and resilient and well as continuing to run the council.

“Our report shows that the council’s response has been wide ranging, covering everything from childcare, continuity of learning and homelessness to supporting businesses, public protection and emergency repairs," Councillor Harris said.

The council worked alongside key partners to provide emergency childcare hubs, which 321 pupils accessed and 163 staff members provided cover for. By the start of May, 881 internet-connected devices had been distributed to help families with home schooling.

PCC has given out business grants to 3487 businesses, which amounts £37,601,960 million of grant funding.It has also awarded business rates relief to eligible businesses in retail, leisure and hospitality. This is a total of £10.5m in relief with 1,260 Powys businesses getting a nil bill for 2020/21.

The open access youth team has created virtual youth groups across the county and has had 766 meaningful contacts during the lockdown period.

A Centralised Homelessness Co-ordination Cell was set up, in which 35 homeless households were re-housed and 72 new properties were identified as temporary accommodation.

From June 1, the council went live with Test, Trace, Protect. As of June 30 there have been 29 positive cases identified for Contact Tracing, all of which have been successfully traced.

The performance report will be put to Powys County Council's cabinet on Tuesday, July 28.