Wales may receive new post Brexit powers, the UK Government has announced.

Powers exercised by the European Union in at least 70 policy areas could be devolved to the Welsh Government from January 1, 2021.

The UK Government says its plans include giving devolved administrations in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast power over more issues that they have ever had before, without removing any of their current powers.

In total, Northern Ireland will be receiving 157 powers, Scotland 111 powers and 70 to Wales.

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove described the plan as a "power surge" for the devolved administrations.

"We will work over the coming weeks with the devolved administrations in Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh on a new structure for how we can cooperate better and share ideas, and we will be bringing proposals to the table to agree a way forward," Mr Gove said.

"We should be learning from one another, combining the expertise of each nation to share ideas, innovation and, where appropriate, put in place processes for voluntary cooperation. 

“People right across the UK want their Governments and institutions to work together at every level to improve their lives, and the UK Government is committed to working to do this."

A four-week consultation has also opened today (July 16), sourcing views from businesses, experts, civil society, and consumer groups across all four nations of the UK.

The proposals aim to balance the principles and successes of devolution, with the need to provide regulatory clarity to businesses, ensuring that rules and standards across the UK are mutually recognised.