A village in mid Wales has "gone into meltdown" after Hollywood star Michael Sheen thanked a local store owner for her tireless work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharon Simcock, who runs Esco's in New Radnor, has been running deliveries and helping people in the area since the lockdown began in March.

Sharon and her fiancee Martin have even had to cancel their wedding in August because of the ongoing crisis.

Locals have described the village shop "as the heart of New Radnor for years and has become genuinely vital during this unimaginable crisis".

Her friend Marcia Hardiman decided to use her first Twitter message to contact the famous Welsh actor and ask him to voice the village's thanks to the "amazing" store owner. And it worked.

In a video message, Michael replied: "I want to let you know how appreciated you are and everything that you are doing, doing your deliveries and helping people in your area.

"And I know that you have had to cancel your wedding in August - does that mean there's still a chance?

"I'm sure it will all turn out OK. Much love to you and thank you for everything you are doing".

Residents were overwhelmed by the message and they have invited the award-winning actor for tea and biscuits when he passes through New Radnor.

Marcia told Michael: "Wow - the village of New Radnor has gone into meltdown following your message! A socially distanced cwtch from Sharon and myself".