CHILDREN have been warned of the dangers of vandalism after a new play area in Newtown was damaged at the weekend.

The Sunshine Playground, and BMX Pump Track, projects from the not-for-profit Open Newtown are still in construction, but the community enterprise raised has raised the alarm on social media after fence panels and other equipment at the sites were damaged at the weekend.

A spokesman for Open Newtown said: "Children have been entering our construction sites this weekend, maybe not realising how much damage they’re causing.

"Fence clamps have been removed, fencing panels have been damaged beyond repair.

"The construction sites have clear 'Keep Out' signs. They are construction sites, with plant and equipment.

"Every time equipment is vandalised that’s less money we can spend on new play equipment. Every time equipment is vandalised then it’ll take longer to complete projects."

He added: "Children are literally spoiling it for themselves. Please talk to your children today.

"Tell them to stay out of construction sites. Explain to them the dangers that they might not realise are present.

"And please report incidents to the local police on 101."