PLANS to bring ‘black bag waste’ to the bulk recycling facility at Abermule, will be resisted.

This opposition to the prospect of non-recyclable waste being brought to the facility, was decided on at a meeting of Abermule with Llandyssil community council, on Wednesday, July 1.

Councillors were responding to a question by resident, Sarah Roberts.

She asked whether the community council would “defend the village” and object to ‘black bag waste’ coming to the site?

Council chairman, Councillor Jane Rees, said that they had already met with Powys County Council (PCC) representatives to discuss the issue when it surfaced back in February.

A planning application would need to be submitted by PCC to allow this to happen.

Cllr Rees, said: “We told them in no uncertain terms that we would fight that all the way.

She added that PCC officials had been surprised by the reaction.

“They thought there was nothing wrong with being able to keep them there on a short term basis,” added Cllr Rees.

A PCC spokesman said: “We have held regular meetings with the community council along with the local county councillor to discuss all matters.

“Although as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, these have recently been on hold.”

“We will shortly begin meeting with them again as regulations allow.

“The community council and local county councillor will be consulted on any developments and decisions.”

Black bag waste is what is left after all other recyclable materials are taken away.

It’s what Powys resident are supposed to place in the black wheelie bin which is collected every three weeks after recycling everything else.

This “residual waste” is supposed to be taken to incinerators and produce “energy from waste.”

All waste that is collected by the kerbside would also be covered under the Natural Resources Wales  (NRW) environment permit which is needed to operate the site.

In January, PCC submitted an application which was sent back to them in February, as there was not enough detail in the application.

They say it will be re-submitted in “due course” and a consultation on the permit will be held as part of the process.