Claims that Powys County Council failed to respond to Welshpool Town Council's £100,000 offer for a former youth centre have been dismissed as "completely inaccurate".

Minutes published by Welshpool Town Council say that an offer of £100,000 for the building on Howell Drive was being withdrawn after the county council failed to respond.

"The town council currently has not got the funds to purchase the Welshpool Youth Centre. The council had allocated the money for a certain length of time but had not had a response from Powys County Council at the time which was well over a year ago. Members stated that they chose not to comeback to the town council and the time had now passed."

Responding to this Cabinet Member for Property, Councillor Phyl Davies said: “Welshpool Town Council submitted an expression of interest for the former youth centre in Howell Drive with a potential £100,000 offer. The council’s property services responded and provided legal heads of terms, the then Town Clerk withdrew the town council’s offer. We had numerous meetings with representatives of the town council and had accepted their initial offer, but they withdrew the bid.

“Earlier this year the town council submitted a new expression of interest which was considered by the county council’s Strategic Asset Board. However, the town council has recently withdrawn its offer as it no longer has available funds.

“The town council has submitted two expressions of interest, 12 months apart, for the former youth centre the county council responded to but discussions have closed due to the town council withdrawing because of no available funds. To claim the withdrawal is due to lack of response from Powys is simply untrue. The town council are trying to blame the county council and mislead the public which is very disappointing.”