The Albert Hall in Llandrindod Wells was lit up in red last night in solidarity with theatres all over the country.

This was part of the nationwide Light it in Red campaign which particularly shines a light on backstage workers as venues remained closed during the pandemic.

Llandrindod Wells Councillor Jon Williams is also the chair of The Albert Hall.

He said: "The Albert Hall, like so many theatres, is sitting empty at the moment. The lights are off, the music has stopped and the seats are collecting dust, and until we get clear guidance from the government on a reopening roadmap, that is how it will remain.

"The recent announcement of a rescue package is very, very welcome, but what we're all keen to do is open our doors to our communities again.

"However, we remain optimistic and resilient, and as theatres all over the country go red tonight, we remain united."

Cllr Williams and the Albert Hall is urging people to support their local theatre during the coronavirus pandemic.

"If you can, please support your local theatre. A lot of community venues – The Albert Hall included – are registered charities. We know times are tough, but if you can spare anything, your donations could make a huge difference," he said.

Yesterday it was announced that the arts sector would be given £1.5 billion in emergency funds. This includes theatres as well as galleries and museums.

The Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said the cash would help major institutions as well as local venues which lockdown has brought to the brink of collapse.

However, he admitted that not every job is going to be protected and warned that that theatres would be unlikely to open for indoor performances anytime soon.