AT THIS month’s Llanfyllin Town Council meeting and annual meeting, via Zoom, councillors unanimously voted Peter Lewis to be mayor and Jane Carrington to be deputy.

Cllr Lewis had been voted in as interim mayor last year when Simon Baynes resigned to campaign and successfully win in the General Election to become MP for South Clwyd. Councillors thanked Simon for his hard work.

He said: “It’s an honour to serve as mayor again” and it was a first meeting in the history of Llanfyllin Town Council to hold the annual meeting and be elected mayor virtually.

Cllr Lewis also said that “there will be difficult times ahead for the economy of the town as the predicted recession begins to bite” and encouraged people to shop locally and support Llanfyllin

He also went on to thank the council for all their hard work, especially in these unprecedented times of the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown.

Cllr Lewis has been a Llanfyllin Town councillor since 1996 and is the longest serving councillor on the council, this is his second time as mayor.

He has also been Llanfyllin’s elected county councillor for the past 13 years.

The council also elected cllr Jane Carrington as deputy mayor. cllr Carrington has worked on many projects and committees in the past few years from primary school governors, Llanfyllin Community Initiative and Llanfyllin Christmas Market and Marketing group.

Cllr Carrington has been on Llanfyllin Town Council for three years and has with other councillors worked hard with many community groups.

She said: “We currently have a very strong council group, who all work together well and I look forward to pressing ahead with new initiatives to further support the towns profile.”