A NEW cull cow section at Knighton Market is proving a big success.

It was introduced by Lloyd Humphreys of McCartney’s after several conversations with farmers in Mid-Wales who said there was a very limited number of centres to take grazing, cull and barren cows.

He said: “Local farmers who had been sending there cows off had mostly said the same story ‘that they expected more for their cows’ and rightly so.

“I spoke to Jenny Layton-Mills and the senior partners in Knighton who all agreed that as long as I could arrange the sale I would be given the opportunity to sell the cows.

“I was very grateful for the chance as this would be my cattle selling debut in what I hope to be a career. I got on the phone straight away in order to see how many farmers would be interested in a sale at the beginning of June.

“The interest was overwhelming.”

Friday, June 5 was the first sale of 60 grazing, cull and barren cows alongside 200 store cattle and 60 feeding bulls.

Mr Humphreys added: “In highest demand were cows with reasonable to good coverage of meat, however we have buyers for all types of cows from plain to store to well fleshed.

“All cows attending this sale will need to have been TB tested within 60 days, however we believe that it does pay to have the cows tested as it increases the number of eligible buyers around the ring. I had several vendors comment that we were £150-£200 above expectations.

“The next sale is to be held on July 17. “

“We have around 50 cows entered for this sale already with several more entries expected and invited.

“The sales will then be held on the third Friday of every month.”

Mr Humphreys urged any farmers to get in touch.

“I would urge anyone with cull/barren cows to sell to get in contact and we will make sure you are achieving every last penny for your cast cows,” he said.

You can contact Lloyd Humphreys on 07534532468 or at the Knighton office on 01547 528621 or Newtown office on 01686 62312.