A SCHOOLGIRL has literally gone the extra mile to raise funds for the NHS.

Newtown High School pupil Megan Jenkins, 12, from Kerry, created her own 83 day running challenge to give something back to the NHS for its staff’s sterling efforts during the coronavirus crisis.

Megan’s mum Kathy Jenkins said: “Meg had seen the news, stories and reports of all the amazing and tireless people who are doing so much across the NHS in this pandemic, and she decided see would like to challenge herself and try to raise money at the same time.

“She decided to set herself an ambitious challenge before she turns 13 in July.

Megan said: “I’ve never been able to run and never enjoyed it when I had to, so thought this would be a good challenge for me.”

As part of her research, Megan found that there were 83 hospitals in Wales and this is what inspired the idea behind her challenge.

She then decided to run for 83 consecutive days, with each day representing a different hospital in Wales.

In total Megan’s challenge adds up to three months of running every day and trying to raise money for the NHS charities who help to support NHS staff.

Megan started her running challenge on May 1 and she is planning to finish at the end of July, days before her 13th birthday.

And Megan’s running has not been a simple jog around the park either.

On average she runs between two and a half miles to more than three miles a day.

Mum Kathy added that the challenge has taken in all kinds of weather from dodging puddles in the pouring rain, to hard run in the blistering heat.

She said: “She has also had some lovely runs with family and friends, socially distanced, some very wet runs, but still she carried on knowing that every foot steps is help the NHS charities together.”

Anyone wishing to donate to Megan’s challenge can do so via https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kathryn-jenkins7?utm_source=facebook