NEWTOWN and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council has held its first full meeting since March 23.

The meeting was only made possible when a change in the law from Welsh Government allowed councils in Wales to meet remotely.

Town clerk Ed Humphreys said: “While the council was able to make temporary arrangements for maintaining essential business by delegating to officers it is now able to place decision making back with the town’s elected representatives.

“It’s also about preparing for the future post-Covid, and new ways of working which might become the norm.”

The town council has worked hard to ensure meetings will remain accessible to the public while remaining professional and accurate during the pandemic and lockdown.

Meetings will be held on arranged scheduled dates which can be found on the website or on the public notice board outside the offices on Broad Street.

Newtown mayor councillor David Selby said: “Everyone in the town is having to adapt to new ways of communication, work, travel and shopping so it is right that the Town Council has also changed its way of working at this time.”