PLANS to build six new holiday pods in the Nantmel area have been approved by Powys County Council.

The application by Mr S. Rowlands to build timber-cladded pods, an access road, and installations of sewage treatment works can now go ahead on pasture land at Upper Dolau.

Four of the proposed pods will have room for two guests, while the other two can accommodate up to four guests.

Three members of the public wrote to object the proposed development, mainly to criticise the increase in traffic, noise, flooding and pollution, as well as the impact on the landscape.

Powys County Council planning officer Luke Jones wrote: “Given the siting of the pods and the existing screening in the form of trees that surround the site and the topography of the land it is considered that the holiday pods would not be seen as a dominant structure in the landscape”.

Consent to build three shepherd huts on the application site were approved in August 2019.