Council workers were subjected to "abusive behaviour" while installing temporary pavement widening barriers and cones in Presteigne.

Powys County Council say they have reported the incident, which happened on Tuesday, June 30, to the police.

Cabinet member for highways, Cllr Heulwen Hulme said staff should not have to put up with abuse when going about their work, especially when that work is being carried out for public health reasons.

"I was saddened and disappointed to hear that individuals in Presteigne subjected our staff to this treatment,” she said.

“We appreciate it may be difficult for some of our residents to park a little further away but in balancing the need to reopen the shops with safety, the health of our residents must take priority.”

Powys Council said that towns such as Presteigne have narrow streets and footways which mean that in order to widen pavements outside shops to allow adequate space some parking bays and/or road closures will need to used to provide additional footway width.

Chair of Powys Council and Presteigne County Councillor Beverley Baynham said she was disappointed by the behaviour of a few people in the town.

"Whilst I'm not entirely ecstatic about the cones, I'm saddened by threatening behaviour from a minority of people," she said.

"I think we need to stop panicking. I am trying my best to ask for the scheme to be changed not just in Presteigne but for everyone."

Powys Council said they are currently working with town councils, county councillors and local business groups on a series of measures to enable safe social distancing while people are queuing outside shops.

Cllr Heulwen Hulme added: “I would ask that the community come together once again and continue the fight against the virus and think of people less fortunate than themselves.

"The virus is still extremely infectious and has not gone away. All the progress that has been made is a direct result of the measures already undertaken and we cannot run the risk of a second wave or local spike that may have devastating effects on the local health and economy of Powys.”

Dyfed-Powys Police have been asked to comment.