A CHURCH in Bishop’s Castle has closed its Prayer Chapel after part of the ceiling was damaged by rain water.

Reverend Stephanie Fountain said the building at St John the Baptist Church is currently not safe following the ceiling damage.

Reverend Stephanie said: “I am really sorry to have to tell you that we will have to close the Prayer Chapel in church for a while.

“It simply is not safe to use at the moment.

“I went to lock up last night and found that quite a bit of the ceiling plaster had fallen down, no doubt helped by the rain we have been having.

“I know that this is very disappointing, so soon after we had re-opened, but we will do our very best to get this sorted out, and re-open as soon as possible. Fortunately we already had someone coming to work on the ceiling elsewhere in the church.

“Old buildings, unfortunately, do throw up problems from time to time.”