AS WE move into summer,the days are drier, longer and brighter, providing more opportunities to go out, enjoy nature, and produce some spellbinding photography.

These images captured by our Camera Club members show the variety of what the area has to offer at this time of year.

The photos really do showcase the beauty of Mid Wales at its very best and we are very grateful to everyone who have sent in their snaps – and, as ever this week, there are a few cute animals looking to steal the limelight.

We continue to be blown away by the range of incredible photos taken by our Powys County Times Camera Club members.

Whether it is a stunning rainbow shot, a perfectly proportioned picture of beautiful butterfly or an action photo of a red kite soaring through the sky, the County Times aims to bring you the best images in Powys every week.

If you are going for a walk in your local area, why not take a few snaps and share them with our friendly and enthusiastic community of photographers.

To share your photographs, which may be featured online and in the newspaper, visit the Powys County Times Camera Club Facebook group, or simply e-mail