BUSINESSES in Powys are being offered the chance to defer rent on their premises due to the impact of coronavirus.

Powys County Council is offering a three-month deferral in response to the effects of the Government-imposed lockdown, but the funding will have to be paid back at a later date.

Current occupiers of council properties can apply for rent deferral to cover any period after March 23, 2020 until the end of the Government mandated lockdown in Wales for up to three months.

Applications will be based on an assessment of the evidence given by businesses, which must demonstrate unavoidable financial impacts of lockdown on the business.

These applications also need to show a lack of other forms of financial assistance available in meeting the immediate needs of the business to remain solvent.

Cabinet Member for Property, Councillor Phyl Davies said: “We are offering all occupiers the opportunity of applying for a three-month rent holiday to offset some of the impact of the pandemic. It is not a rent-free period and tenants will be expected to pay the deferred charges in addition to their normal charges later although some extensions may be possible with agreement.

“I urge tenants to seriously consider a deferment because any unpaid charges as a result of the pandemic will have to be collected once debt recovery restrictions are lifted under the Coronavirus Act 2020.”

More information on the initiative and application forms are available from the council’s Commercial Property Service;