Due to a variety of reasons, sadly, the South Montgomeryshire Volunteer Bureau closed its doors permanently on May 31, 2020.

Over the past 20 plus years the Bureau helped thousands of people to volunteer with different charities and organisations throughout South Montgomeryshire, many of whom could not function without the support of their volunteers.

The Bureau also helped many hundreds of young people to register as Millennium Volunteers for various organisations, earning them Certificates signed by the First Minister recognising and thanking them for their efforts.

Our grateful thanks go to PAVO, Powys Health Board, Powys County Council and Newtown Town Council for their generosity in the form of Grants which enabled the Bureau to function, to our Trustees and to our volunteer drivers who generously gave their time to transport patients all over the Country to various hospital appointments.

Please continue to volunteer in whatever capacity you are able, you WILL make a difference.

Pat Hogg, Chair

Jane Jones, Development Co-ordinator