A TOWN council is considering buying outdoor hand sanitisers in preparation for its facilities to re-open to the public

Presteigne and Norton Town Council was due to meet remotely this week, with plans to introduce the hand sanitiser dispensers on the agenda.

It was with a view to more public locations be given the green light to re-open again by the Welsh Government in the near future, with further coronavirus lockdown restrictions expected to be relaxed.

Outdoor fitness facilities and public toilets have been scoped out as possible locations for the dispensers.

In a report which was to be discussed by members at the meeting, council clerk Tracey Price said: “These are a relatively new produce resulting from the current pandemic, however they do seem to me to be a way of protecting users of our sites, particularly once the courts and outdoor gym re-open.

“Possible locations include the corner of the MUGA/gym corner by the loos/play area and centrally at the Hereford Street toilet entrances.”

In the report, Mrs Price said the costs varied from £228 to £308 depending on the dispenser, and five litres of sanitiser would cost £54, with the council able to afford the purchase.

She added the proposal would help combat the virus.

She said: “There is unlikely to be complete eradication of the virus any time soon and I thought you would like to consider this as a robust longer term way of reducing any virus spread.

“There are event grants in the budget that may well not be drawn

“We also have a healthy toilets reserve and a good balance in the Meadows account so there are options.”