Powys County Council will receive funding from the Welsh Government to make towns safer and easier for people to get around as the lockdown eases.

Councils across Wales are set to get a share of £15.4 million to create more space for people to travel under social distancing restrictions.

The money will be used to help re-design areas such as town centres, community areas and green spaces with schemes including widening pavements for cyclists, and helping buses move around towns easier to promote public transport.

£2m of the funding is specifically for schemes around schools. With children starting to return to classrooms in the next few weeks, it is important to enable safe walking and cycling journeys and maintain social distance at the school gates.

Powys County Council will be expected to monitor the impact of their measures, and make adjustments if necessary, the Welsh Government said.

Deputy Minister Lee Waters said: “During this lockdown we have seen a real change in people’s behaviours, with more and more of us choosing to walk and cycle for necessary journeys. When we have been able to get out of the house it has been great to enjoy the cleaner air and quieter streets.

"But it’s clear we’ve got to take action now to lock-in for the long-term many of those changed behaviours we have seen by making a positive choice to reallocate road space in our town centres and in our communities and to give it over to better active travel infrastructure.

“It was encouraging to receive more than 200 proposals and to see so much enthusiasm for the wider work the Welsh Government is doing to re-think our town centres and public squares for the future.

“We asked local authorities to prioritise those schemes which can be delivered within the next three to four months and which can have the greatest impact in their local area – hopefully making a real difference to how people see and get around their local area. Today is hopefully the start of our long-term project to enhance our town centres and public areas.”