THE Newtown community is being urged to prevent fly-tipping after a sofa was found dumped in the River Severn.

A post on the Newtown Unlimited Facebook page has urged residents and businesses to be vigilant as volunteers had to remove the sofa from the water.

The post said: "If you’re fly tipping on the green public space then you’re costing Open Newtown now, not PCC (Powys County Council).

"Every time they have to take your waste that’s more money NOT being spent on your green spaces, your community projects, free events for your children.

"Today a group of volunteers will be having to work in close proximity to remove a fly tipped sofa from our river.

"Every time your household waste fills the bins on our green spaces that’s cost to a social enterprise, who are trying to create local job, enterprise and contract opportunities.

"They’re the ones developing play park equipment, mountain bike trail and canoe access points.

"What do you want in Newtown? So many people complain there’s nothing to do, the kids are bored, they’re restless.

"Well, there’s an organisation trying to do more for the people of Newtown and today their hard work is being hindered by fly tipping and littering.

"No more fly tipping. Talk to your families and friends. Take your waste home.

"Vaynor ‘beach’ has always been a particular hot spot for waste, which ends up down stream and in our oceans.

"Talk to your children today. If you’re a local shop, please talk to your customers too."

The issue of fly-tipping also moved the town mayor, Cllr David Selby to take to social media.

In a post on his Facebook page, he said: "Sadly there has been an outbreak of litter and fly tipping on some parts of Trehafren estate. I have reported those that I have seen around Lon Derw in particular, and hopefully they will be cleared soon. Let me know if there is another problem near you.

"The waste site is now open (Potters) should anyone have problems with storing waste, the weekly re-cycling team will take away extra sorted recycling next to your bins, and bulky waste can be taken away if booked and paid for. Please don't dump."

Newtown Recycling Centre re-opened last week having been closed at the start of the coronavirus lockdown.

It is open Monday to Wednesday, 9am to 5pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 4pm.