Last Monday was the Spring Bank Holiday when North Radnorshire gears up for the first agricultural show of the season at Llanbister.

Winter is behind us. Lambing is done, the hay harvest is to come and summer looms.

Farmers don’t get many opportunities for the whole community to be able to get together. This is the first chance of the spring for our community (and our visitors) to meet up, to socialise and to catch up.

We watch the weather forecast with a careful eye. Will the Llanbister Show Monday be as sunny and dry as the forecast is now saying or will we have rain?

Whatever the weather the show goes on. The village puts in the effort and we enjoy ourselves. We cast off our winter coats and come together. We bring our animals and produce for scrutiny by the judges and our community. The children run and we enjoy watching the youngsters showing off their prowess shearing the ewes.

In 2020 we have been robbed of the Llanbister Show. Gone for this year. Even our hopes for our car treasure hunt (when social distancing rules will work well enough) dashed by Drakeford’s decision not to ease the lock down.

Maybe we will be able to run some alternative events later on in the year but who knows when or if we will be permitted.

We are going ahead with the Adult Art Competition, with a handing-in date and place in the late summer to be announced and an exhibition might be held if allowed.

The theme is ‘Chickens’ – see our Facebook page or email for full details.

There is one glimmer of light; we will be back in 2021 because the decision to cancel was made in time before we incurred expenditure. Financially the Show will weather this pandemic.

Our community is being hit far harder

James Grieve, Treasurer, Llanbister Show and Sports Committee