Wildlife presenter Iolo Williams has launched a scathing attack on vandals who killed chicks in nest boxes at a Llanidloes woodland.

The BBC Springwatch star and former RSPB species officer said: “Some idiot or idiots killed bird chicks in nest boxes by throwing stones on them. This is not the behaviour of a normal human being, this is the behaviour of a potential psychopath.”

Mr Williams posted a video message on social media appealing for the public’s help to trace the offenders.

He said: “Idiots like this will no doubt boast to their friends and maybe family. If you are those friends or maybe members of that family, please, this is not normal behaviour. Get in touch with the local police and let them know. This cannot happen again.”

Last week, eggs were found smashed in their nests after rocks were placed on top of them.

Police are investigating the incident which is believed to have happened between Monday, May 18, and Tuesday, May 19, at Pen yr Allt Woods.

Since then, members of the local policing team have been conducting patrols through the woodland to deter any other incidents of wildlife crime.