Bishop’s Castle Primary School will re-open for some pupils on Monday, June 1.

Headteacher Andrew Barker revealed this week that children in Reception, Year One and Year Six will be the first to start school since the coronavirus lockdown was announced two months ago.

Staff have been working towards partially re-opening in as “safe and educationally viable was as possible”.

The school said daily routines will ensure the three class groups are not in contact with each other in order to reduce social contact.

In a letter to parents, Mr Barker said: “We will ensure good hygiene routines, we are incorporating procedures which will ensure groups are isolated from each other, and, in as far as is practicable, we are encouraging social distancing within class groups. “Children are children, however, and the Department for Education guidance is clear that young children cannot be expected to successfully socially distance.

“It is therefore important to understand that, try as we will, we cannot guarantee the success of any measures we introduce.”

Changes to the normal routine include staggering the start and finish of school and childcare times, and using different gates for different groups.

Parents are not allowed to visit the school office unless there is an emergency, or to collect paper copies of work for home-schooling.

In class, children will not share equipment or work in close proximity with other children. Each class will have their own outdoor play equipment which will be washed twice a day. Outdoor games involving physical contact will not be allowed.

Mr Barker added: “I sincerely hope that the procedures and safeguards are shortlived, and that, before too long, we can return to normal. In part, this depends on us all playing our part, and I thank you in anticipation of your support in this.

“Finally, a reminder that we must stay alert, and act accordingly to the well-established guidelines, if anyone suspects a child or adult in a family is showing symptoms of Covid 19”.

In a letter to parents Mr Barker said: “Childcare for key workers will continue, but will be for children in Years Two to Five only. Children in Reception, Year One and Year Six are starting school, with lessons and learning which will need to be planned. This is not childcare. If children re-starts school, they should come all day, every day.

“Home-schooling will continue for all children not in school, but we apologise in advance for the fact that contact with teachers will, inevitably, be reduced.

“If you have children in childcare and in school, the child in childcare should be there for the whole school day, so that the child in school can do a full day, unless you are prepared to do two pick-ups.

“If you have initially, said ‘no’ to re-starting school, then decide later that you wish your child to do so, that will be fine, but we will require two full days notice in order to re-plan teaching groups.

“If your child is entitled to universal infant free school meals or free school meals, a packed lunch will be available from school. Please let school know on the first day of each week if your child will require a meal.”

Shropshire Council said it is working closely with all schools during the lockdown.

In a joint statement, Karen Bradshaw, executive director of children’s services, and Rachel Robinson, director of public health: said “We all agree that it will be good for children to return to school but it has to be when schools and parents are confident that this is safe.”

“Shropshire Council continues to work closely with all schools who, we are sure that you agree, have performed a fantastic job under very difficult conditions.”