Nature isn’t always bright red in tooth and claw – as the work of the Powys County Times Camera Club this week shows.

Sometimes it is awash with the gentle kiss of spring, whether that takes the form of a cygnet drifting happily across a lake in one of our towns, or an elusive red squirrel taking a moment in the sun.

And sometimes nature can be much more surprising altogether, and throw together friends who might not normally get along.

Ruth Ross’s picture of a chick hitching a ride on a spring lamb shows that sometimes the natural world can produce friendships in the oddest of places.

Once again, our fabulous Camera Club members have stepped up to the mark in style this week, and produced a selection of pictures that show the expansive range of beauty that’s waiting out there on our doorsteps.

From the bees buzzing about our gardens to the landscapes to which we are all so excited to return, these shots capture the rich variety of our natural world.

If you would like to be part of our Camera Club, whether you’re using a phone or a top-of-the-range lens, you can join in by emailing, or by joining the Powys County Times Camera Club Facebook group.