POWYS MPs have come under pressure to call for the resignation of the Prime Minister's chief advisor Dominic Cummings.

A storm has brewed since last weekend with allegations Mr Cummings flouted coronavirus lockdown rules he helped create to travel 260 miles to Durham with his family, on suspecting his wife may have contracted the virus.

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson came under increased pressure to sack his chief advisor, at a press conference on Monday Mr Cummings said he behaved "reasonably", declined to apologise or resign, adding he did not regret his actions when outlining how he drove from his home in London, including a trip to Barnard Castle to test his ability to drive after an eyesight issue.

Speaking to the County Times, Montgomeryshire MP Craig Williams said: "There is a lot of strong feeling from constituents in Montgomeryshire as you can imagine.

"Everyone has spent a long time in lockdown and made large sacrifices, I completely understand that.

"Dominic Cummings was asked directly by the Prime Minister to explain himself to the public and media, which he did on Monday, and he clearly felt he did what was right at the time.

County Times: Dominic Cummings.Dominic Cummings.

"Privately I have made my views clear to the Chief Whip, and I will continue to support the Prime Minister."

On Monday, Brecon and Radnorshire MP Fay Jones issued a statement on her Facebook page which said: "As you can imagine, I have received a large number of emails over the weekend. I will endeavour to respond to each and every one.

"Although I haven't yet been able to write back to everyone, I have spent the weekend ensuring that No 10 Downing Street is aware of the view expressed by my constituents. Like you, I am deeply disappointed that this episode has detracted from the huge sacrifices the country has made to combat the coronavirus.

"However, further facts have come to light through Mr Cummings statement and I think it is important to take time to consider those carefully."

But Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds said Mr Williams should speak out against Mr Cummings. She said: “People right across Montgomeryshire have made incredible sacrifices to stop the coronavirus. Even if the Prime Minister keeps his blinkers on, Craig Williams cannot be oblivious to how angry people are with this scandal.

“Each minute this scandal is allowed to drag on is another minute the UK Government is distracted from upscaling Britain’s testing capacity, securing PPE for frontline workers and preventing the tragic deaths in our care homes.

"Craig Williams must stop defending the indefensible and put the health, wellbeing and economy of our country before efforts to save the Prime Minister’s adviser.”

Plaid Cymru's Glantwymyn Cllr Elwyn Vaughan was also scathing. He said: “We’ve seen children, partners and family members unable to care, assist, and be with elderly relatives, we’ve seen families suffering in silence; we’ve seen families unable to meet their loved ones in their final days; or even attend funerals, yet, despite all this, some in Government believe they are above the rules, they can do as they wish, they can show contempt towards all which is nothing more than arrogance.

“To try and justify such action is indefensible and that’s why our MP in Montgomeryshire should show leadership and call on Cummings to resign.

"Politics is about much more than elections and posh jobs, it’s not about following slavishly what your masters in London tell you to say, it’s about standing up for what is right, and the right thing to do is to call on Cummings to resign.”