LATEST data from the Official for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that more than a third of workers in Powys are Key Workers.

The data shows one in three Welsh workers hold key worker job titles, which puts Wales in second place for the number of key workers in the region during the coronavirus crisis.

Powys is 36th in the UK table, topped by West Somerset where just more than 50 per cent of workers are Key Workers.

In Powys 39.3 per cent of workers have a key worker role. This figure is above the UK average of 32.8 per cent meaning that Powys has 20 per cent more key workers than the UK average.

The Powys figure is also above the Welsh average of 34.7 per cent meaning that Powys has 13 per cent more key workers than the Welsh average.

In March the Government has published a list of essential workers which includes all NHS and social care staff from doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers and carers to support staff and supply chain workers.

Workers such as teachers, firefighters, local and national government staff, supermarket staff, police and delivery drivers are just some of the other roles included on the list.