A group of volunteers have a set up a solidarity fund to help Machynlleth get back on its feet after the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Penny Tristram, Elena Blackmore, Beth Maiden and Laurence Tidy have set up this fund to address growing concerns about the financial impact of coronavirus on the Machynlleth community.

They have been inspired by other small grass-roots funds including BiPandas in London, and the UK-wide Swarm fund.

The group will make small grants of up to £100 to individuals in the Machynlleth area facing hardship due to the pandemic.

Group spokesman Laurence Tidy said: “The fund will hope to raise £5,000 as its first target, from kind donors in the area. Anyone experiencing financial difficulties due to coronavirus are able to apply for a grant of up to £100.

“In communities like ours, we rely on each other. In fact, we’re totally dependent on each other.

“We need our businesses for our jobs, food, cutting our hair, looking after our kids, and a pint on a Friday night. These businesses rely on all of us to support them.

“This pandemic has highlighted how much we need our friends and neighbours. In tough times, the links in this chain can break. Keeping those links strong and connected is good for us all.

“Many of us are finding these times tough. Some of us are finding it harder than others. But our community is big-hearted, caring, and resourced, and we believe we can make it through to the other side of this pandemic with all of us supported.

The Solidarity Fund is offering small grants to individuals in the Machynlleth area facing financial difficulty.

“We’re really grateful to Let’s Go Machynlleth for start-up funds, but we rely on ongoing donations in order to be able to continue to give support to those who need it," Mr Tidy added.

“No amount is too small – and if you can give a little bit on an ongoing basis, that would be amazing.”

For more information contact hello@machsolidarityfund.org.uk or 07936814972, the Facebook page @machsolidarityfund or you can visit the website at machsolidarityfund.org.uk/about/