We hear Shrewsbury MP Mr Kawczynski wishes to abolish the Welsh Parliament, because it disagrees with the Prime Minister. Oh dear, we can’t have that.

May I remind Mr Kawczynski that the people of Wales in a referendum decided that devolution and a Welsh Parliament would allow Wales a modicum of Independence. Yes Mr Kawczynski it was a democratic choice, just like the EU referendum that you were so insistent must be honoured.

May I also remind Mr Kawczynski, that as Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales had extended their lockdown before Mr Johnson’s announcement, it was in fact England that was out of step with the rest of the UK.

Maybe Mr Kawczynski thinks a Trump-style wall should be built between England and Wales, or maybe he’d prefer Wales to become another Gaza strip.

I’m sure Mr Kawczynski’s time would be better spent by supporting his own constituents, many of whom work at Royal Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals, who are yet to be tested or supplied the correct and sufficient PPE.

He should also reflect on the 10 years of austerity his party have inflicted on the UK, which has resulted in the UK recording the worlds second highest Covid 19 death toll.

Surely the preservation of life is significantly more important than a day at the beach, especially as the UK is still recording significant numbers of deaths and infections.

There are many questions to be asked and answered about the UK governments inadequate response to this crisis and its resultant failures.

Ian Hickinbottom