As well as being beautiful, nature is incredibly powerful – and that is something that’s demonstrated in the latest incredible set of pictures from our brilliant Camera Club members.

Stephen Rowson’s timing was perfect to capture the dramatic stormy skies over Carno, and Sean Weekly was similarly precise when he got a brilliant picture of one of our great predators – the red kite – as it fed from ground level.

Elsewhere, other photographers have sent us farm more bucolic visions of the Welsh countryside, including several which show off the much better weather we have been enjoying during the spring.

Whether it is a curious cow glancing up from its patch of clover, or a heron basking on a riverbank, these pictures show the gentler side of nature.

And Mick Pleaszkan’s picture of the riverbank in Builth Wells, with it gentle fluffy clouds and returning wild flowers, shows that nature is enjoying this period of lockdown.

Finally, Joe Lloyd’s shot from the archive shows us a scene that most of us would love to get back to – once safety permits it.

The silhoutted outline of a woman enjoying the late afternoon remnants of the sunshine on Borth beach is a reminder that on the other side of this coronavirus outbreak, there’s a world of enjoyment out there for all of us.

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