Holiday home owners in Powys have been sent letters urging them to stay away from the county this weekend amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Before the last bank holiday weekend Powys Council wrote to the primary addresses of people who own holiday homes asking them to stay away, and it has now written to them again to prevent a flood of visitors to Powys.

The council said it backed the Welsh Government's extension of the lockdown.

Powys Council leader Councillor Rosemarie Harris said: “We fully back the call for visitors to stay away until national restrictions have been relaxed. The country has seen a slow-down in infection rates and the number of deaths, but we are not out of the woods yet and must remain vigilant.

“Any increase in the infection transfer rate triggered by ignoring social distancing and movement restrictions could have a devastating impact on the spread of Coronavirus. A slight increase in the infection rate could see hundreds of lives lost across the county and I urge visitors to stay away, Powys will still be here when it is safe to visit.

“We have written to holiday home-owners in the county reminding them of their responsibilities and urging them to stay away for now. We know it is tempting to come to Powys but, now is not the time, we don’t want to risk a second infection wave, the consequences for our residents and economy are too horrible to contemplate.

“Powys will still be here when the pandemic is a thing of the past and then we will be delighted to welcome visitors back but until then please stay home."