Although it remains unclear as to whether or not the current football season will resume in Wales, the First Minister said this afternoon that he's not ruling the entirely of the next season.

Mark Drakeford, in answering a question from the County Times, said that the next season is quite a long way off. "I certainly don't want to say we're ruling it out for the whole of the next season," he said, speaking at the Welsh Government's daily press conference.

This might not be the news football fans in Powys and Wales as a whole want to hear - and it implies the pandemic might have an impact on the next season in months to come and not just on the current postponed one.

Mr Drakeford said: "Football is contact sport in its way. It brings people together and the more people get together the more the disease circulates. So we will have to be very confident I think that the level of circulation of the disease in the community has been really suppressed before we have in a position to allow people to come together for that sort of activity."

The First Minister said that people watching football brings "another level of complexity and potential difficulty on top of all that".

Mr Drakeford said football resuming will come towards the end of the "traffic light" system the government is using to ease restrictions and not at the start.