MONTGOMERYSHIRE'S MP has told a Conservative colleague to respect the lockdown restrictions in place in Wales regarding travel from England.

Craig Williams MP has written an open letter to Shrewsbury and Atcham MP Daniel Kawczynski, who expressed fury at his constituents being unable to travel to beaches in Wales during lockdown, and called for the abolition of the Senedd.

Mr Kawczynski made his remarks after the Westminster Government's alterations to lockdown restrictions differed from those made by the Welsh Government, who advise people not to travel into the country from England for leisure and holidays.

In his letter to Mr Kawczynski, Mr Williams said: "I have had a number of my constituents raise your remarks regarding devolution with me.

"I thought the most courteous way to respond to your thought-provoking insight into UK constitution affairs would be to write an open letter back to you.

"At the opening, I accept that at this trying time for us all, any divergence of messaging and response to the Covid crisis will cause confusion and delay. That is why I have urged our Prime Minister and Secretary of State to work with the Welsh Government to ensure coordination where possible.

"We should however, respect, that the Welsh Government and Welsh Parliament can and will exercise their constitutional powers, granted through multiple referendums by the people of Wales.

"The time for serious debate and inquiry into the effect of this divergence is not for now. It will come later. In the meantime, to question the fundamentals of Welsh democracy because of any divergence is wrong and unhelpful."

Mr Williams added: "The only way to ensure better coordination through times of crisis is to work to ensure we remove this current government and install a Conservative government in Cardiff Bay. This I hope will be possible next year and I urge you to join me, as a team player, to win that battle.

"This leads me squarely onto your remarks and I give you the cautionary tale of my main local opponents, the Liberal Democrats, who ignored the people’s will, evidenced at a referendum, and were shown short shrift by the people of the United Kingdom at the last general election.

"In closing, I will continue to work closely with you on cross border issues and take your lead on issues that solely affect your side of the border. Our constituencies, local and regional economy and constituents’ lives are intrinsically linked, and I can assure you there is a huge strength of feeling in Wales for being part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

"I look forward to our continued friendly rivalry when Wales play and naturally defeat England on the rugby field and very much hope you can play for the next House of Commons / Welsh Parliament game, which is a much better place for this debate.

"I’ve copied in the Chief Whip, who could act as referee."

Earlier in the week Mr Kawczynski said he believes the difference in lockdown rules shows there should be "one political system for both nations" and told BBC Radio Shropshire that his "blood is boiling" over Wales' decision not to follow England and ease the lockdown.

He added that the differences are "damaging and frightening" for border communities, like in his constituency – as they can't reach the coast.

A number of the closest beaches to Shrewsbury are in Wales, such as at Ceredigion.

Mr Kawczynski said: "The current gap emerging over this crisis results in the Prime Minister saying to my constituents you can now go for a walk on the beach, but you are prohibited from going across the frontier to get to our nearest coast.

"I am sorry but the time has come to reach out as Conservatives to large numbers of like-minded citizens in Wales who like us believe in one system for both nations.

"We must work towards another referendum to scrap the Welsh Assembly and return to one political system for both nations – a political union between England and Wales."