In response to the County Times’s request for pictures and memories of VE Day and the Second World War, Greg Tanner from Montgomery has got in touch with a picture of his father Arthur, who had been a prisoner of war, after he returned from Germany in 1945.

Arthur was in the Royal Welch Fusiliers and was captured in France on July 17, 1944, imprisoned in Stalag 21D near Poznan in Poland, then moved to Stalag 8B in southern Germany as the Russians advanced.

Released by the Americans in 1945, he was flown back to the UK, arriving home to return to Montgomery on May 12.

Arthur said that British prisoners did not get much to eat, but were treated better than German soldiers held by the Russians, as some of the Germans were shot.

The picture was taken outside his home, Burdett House, with Mayor Ray Jones addressing Arthur, surrounded by (left to right) sister Iris, mother Selina and father William.

In the background, top right, is Joan Aston, later to become Arthur’s wife.

Subsequently, there was a May Homecoming Party in the Town Hall, a picture of which hangs in the Crown.

Arthur is pictured top left at the end of the second row.

Arthur is also the brother of the late Ivor Tanner, of the Dragon Jazz ensemble, and was the one-time band leader.

Arthur was also a feature of the Wednesday night jazz sessions, playing both cornet and trumpet.