Staff at a rail depot in Machynlleth with this weekend by getting to work putting rainbow stickers onto trains in tribute to key workers playing a role in the fight against coronavirus.

Transport for Wales is tonight unveiling the first six trains to have been fitted with the new multi-colour appearance, after they were given the makeover at Canton yesterday.

Over the weekend more stickers will be sent to depots in Machynlleth and Chester so they can fit them to a total of 100 trains.

The rainbow has been used as a symbol of thanks to all key workers that are assisting the country at this difficult time and will now be seen on the side of TfW trains.

Ken Skates, Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales said: “From the lighting of bridges and castles to colourful drawing appearing in windows across our nation, rainbows have most definitely become a visual thank you to our heroes in the NHS and our key workers, who are working tirelessly to save lives and keep vital public services running.

"I hope seeing them now on the trains we have endeavoured to keep running during these difficult times will lift everyone’s spirits, not least those on the front line in the fight against Covid-19.”

Transport for Wales chief executive James Price added: “I’d like to thank all key workers, including those representing TfW, who are truly dedicated and supporting the country in the fight against Covid19.

"Across the whole of our network we’ve seen a collaborative team approach and it’s great to fit these stickers to our trains and show support to those on the frontline.”