Llandrindod Wells has been named as the easiest place in the UK to pass your driving test - a day after it was confirmed that its driving test centre is closing.

Research from GoCompare found that the pass rate at the Llandrindod Wells Driving Test Centre is 76.3 per cent, with three out of four people taking their test in the town receiving their licence straightaway. Out of the 346 drivers recorded, 264 passed.

Behind Llandrindod is Crieff in Perthshire followed by Ballater in Aberdeenshire. However, Llandrindod needs to be taken off the top spot, or on the list at all. Yesterday, the County Times received confirmation from the DVSA that the driving test centre in the town is closing down, which only opened an average of nine times a month.

Matt Oliver, Senior Partner Development Manager from GoCompare said: "With practical driving tests cancelled, it’s inevitable that some driving centres are going to suffer more than others. Looking at the Llandrindod site, if the centre isn’t opening as often during a month, it does make sense to close it. Yes, other test centres will be available to those who need to secure their driver's license, but they will have to travel further to do so.

"Luckily the driving test centre in Newtown has a pass rate of 58.9 per cent with 403 candidates passing the first time. It’s understandable that it can be challenging for people to travel a bit further, but with demand for driving tests being so low and no permanent staff to lose, it is one of the most sensible options.

"It will be interesting to see if pass rates either decrease or increase with extra people coming over to take their tests and not taking them at the Llandrindod centre, and with the backlog of candidates who are going to want to take their driving test after the pandemic, harder routes may need to be enforced to stop people from passing on the same route”.